About Us

Buy Best Coffee Beans is our online shop where you can buy some of the world’s best coffee beans which we have carefully roasted in small batches.

Coffee’s journey from the farm to your cup goes through many important stages. What sets us apart is that for you to get the best results we have provided videos of our award winning barista Pau who will give you some tips how to get the best from your purchase.

When you buy from us you are giving back to the farmers and ensuring a sustainable approach to coffee. We believe in farmers getting a good price for their produce which allows them to reinvest in their farm and to increase the quality of their produce and enjoy greater financial benefits.

Our recent investment in the latest high quality roasting machinery ensures we get the best results we can from the beans. Our customers mean a lot to us and we love to get your feedback. Tell us what you think of our coffee, or if you want advice on better brewing at home, work or even in your café drop us a line:

  • Stephanie
    Digital Marketing

    How I like my coffee:
    I love my coffee, and nothing beats an iced coffee.

    About me:
    “I am a very determined and highly motivated person. I do take my job seriously but I’m able to see things in perspective. I’m easy-going to work with. I’m an optimist rather than a pessimist. Above all, I would say I’m a positive and enthusiastic person – and I relish a challenge.”

  • Nick
    Master Roaster

    How I like my coffee:
    I am a morning coffee person, my favourite is a strong smooth cappuccino with a lovely creamy, dense, steamed milk.

    About me:
    “When I am not roasting coffee I like to be outdoors, cooking on the bbq or walking. I like to feel I have achieved something each day and a sense of humour helps!”

  • Paulo
    Barista Trainer and Educator

    How I like my coffee:
    I enjoy my cup having tea-like notes with crisp flavor of orange and lingering taste of brown sugar. This picks my high appreciation ( not limited to said flavors but with specialty coffee as a whole ) how nature and people play their respective roles in the process starting from green coffee’s development, to harvesting, to green bean processing to the tedious storing and shipping, to roasting and finally to the science of brewing.

    About me:
    “love reading various books not limited to coffee, eating and drinking new stuffs I find and visiting old places that gives me solidarity.”

  • Sophie

    How I like my coffee:
    A good strong coffee is best! An espresso for a caffeine kick in the morning, or a cappuccino topped with plenty of frothy milk.

    About me:
    “I enjoy being in, and part of, a happy environment in the company of others; I like to work as a team, listen to my colleagues thoughts and opinions, and to socialise with friends and family.”